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Teacher Registration Form
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Terms & Conditions


  1. The registration form costs Rs. 500. Please fill it properly. As you will be responsible for any incorrect entry filled by you. The registration can be cancelled on account of any incorrect information and appropriate action can be taken against you. So fill it with correct information.
  2. Minimum of 4 tuitions calls can be provided to you within a session (April to March). It would be within the area mention by you or it might go beyond the aforementioned
  3. You must make it clear before taking up the call whether you will be able to fulfill the response or not once you taken, it cannot be discontinued without a valid reason.
  4. You will be liable to give 50% of tuition fees of first month and 10 % of all subsequent month’s fees as development fees to the management. Appropriate legal actions will taken against you if you violate this norm.
  5. Any physical or mental abuse (violence) towards student will not be tolerated and the registration (contract) will be terminated at once and legal actions will be taken against you.
  6. The management is ready to help you wherever you want if you share your problem with us.
  7. You are allowed to take one holiday per month (excluding Sundays). More than the permitted leaves are taken then there can be deduction in the payment or you can adjust that leave on any Sunday with parent’s agreement.
  8. If you get any subsequent tuitions offer you to correspondence with our client (tuition/students), those offer belongs to the management and the management will have complete right over them.
  9. The primary objective of a tuition teacher is to encourage and motivate students to reach their full potential and fulfil this objective, you can take help from parents as well as management.
  10. The management has the right to collect fees from parents directly, thus your payment will be provided to you by management on scheduled dates.
  11. In order to increase and maintain the versatility and potential of the tuition teachers, the management will arrange various training programmers and guidance which are mandatory to attend.
  12. If any tuition/tutors offers are brought in the notice of management by you, you will be awarded for the same.
  13. Cooperation is expected for all the tutors, and they are expected to work together as a single unit.
  14. The preset time for the students are to be maintained by you. Any complaint regarding this matter will provoke appropriate actions against you by management.
  15. Registration fees once paid will not be refundable in any case.
  16. Absence for more than two days without any prior notice will not be tolerated.
  17. While going for tuition you should be well dressed and well behaved.
  18. Any dishonesty regarding the tuitions will not be tolerated. legal actions with heavy penalty will be taken against you.
  19. If tuition continues for next session, then same provision of 10% will be continue for that tuition.
  20. Organization has no responsibility in case of any mishap at a particular tuition



Below is the Registration Form, You can download it, fill this form completely before submitting at Office.

Registration Form

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